Household Junk Removal

Why pick Mighty Hauling for Household Junk Removal?

Pick Mighty Hauling because we offer great service, competitive pricing and same day service. We are a locally owned and operated family business therefore we value each and every customer we have served and any new customer we gain. In conclusion at Mighty Hauling We take pride in the idea that we are serving our local community and also make it a point to support other local small businesses.

Mighty does Household Junk Removal in Tampa Bay

You can trust Mighty Hauling when you need fast and affordable Household Junk Removal. A team of pros will come to your home and remove any unwanted Junk. No matter if you need furniture, Appliances or just general yard waste removal we can handle it. Mighty’s junk removal experts can come out the same day you call in most cases as a result saving you time. Give us a shot to earn your business today.

Mighty Hauling offers Low Cost Junk Removal

Mighty Hauling is a locally owned Junk Removal Company in Tampa, FL therefore we can offer great low prices. Most of all we can offer prices that are 25% – 50% lower than our franchise competitors. Due to the fact that Mighty does not have expensive franchise fees consequently we can pass that savings on to our customers.


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We Recycle up to 75% of the JUNK we collect!

At Mighty Hauling we care about the environment therefore we do our best to recycle all the JUNK we collect. A lot of the time we can recycle up to 75% of the JUNK consequently helping our local and global environment.

Here are some of the ways we recycle your JUNK
DONATIONS: A lot of the Household items we collect can be reused so we make sure to donate anything that is still good
SCRAP METAL RECYCLING: Metal can always be recycled and turned into something new so we recycle 100% of metal items we receive.
CONCRETE, STONE AND TILE: These items can be crushed down and reformed into new stone products including concrete blocks and bricks to even the roadways we drive on everyday.
CHEMICALS: Chemicals are donated to the local landfills swap shop for customers to pick up and use for FREE. Check with your local landfill for details.
ELECTRONICS: Although in small amounts most electronics contain precious metals that in bulk can be reused to create new electronics.